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Healthy spine fast and safe


McBrothers Robospine uses the principle of decompression and soft mechanical impact. Local distension of the vertebrae creates a vacuum effect that retracts the hernial protrusion, eliminates pinching, and restores the normal structure of the disc. The technology activates the mechanisms of sanogenesis and helps restore the original correct biomechanical relationships between the vertebrae.


By clearly calibrated and safe mechanical action on the spine, the McBrothers Robospine system allows without surgical intervention:
straighten pinched
relieve pain and tension with rheumatism, spinal canal stenosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, intervertebral disc herniation, facet joint syndrome and siofacial syndrome
reduce muscle cramps and intradiscal pressure
eliminate subluxations in the intervertebral joints
increase the vertical diameter of the intervertebral foramen
In addition, this technology is an important element in the conservative treatment of vertebral pain syndromes.


Absolute safety and comfort for the patient
Reduces minimally invasive spinal interventions
Full computer control and treatment safety
High efficiency in the treatment of diseases that cause back pain, including herniated disc
Positive result after 1 session
Flawless security system
Fully robotic treatment process
Proven high efficiency in the treatment process



The presence of infectious diseases of the spine.
Circulatory disorders of the spinal cord.
Vertebrogenic disease in the acute stage with the presence of severe pain.
Cicatricial commissural epiduritis.
Pseudospondylolisthesis of the III — IV degree, in the cervical spine - I degree.
Senile osteoporosis, myeloma, hyperparathyroid osteodystrophy.
Disc herniation with prolapse of fragments of the fibrous ring or gelatinous nucleus into the spinal canal.
Scoliosis in childhood.
The presence of foreign materials (metal, plates) in the spine.
Cauda equina or spinal cord compression syndrome.
Individual intolerance to the procedure.

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